Over the period of the last 30+ years the CLC Group has grown from its small beginnings serving a handful of residential clients into the multi-faceted organization it is today serving some 2,500 individuals with a staff of 450 dedicated individuals. Community Living Corporation (CLC) took over a small private residential agency, and has continuously expanded to what is today 40 residences.  CLC Transportation was  the response to the need to transport the ever growing population to their medical appointments.

While initially, CLC Transportation provided services solely to CLC residents, it now services a variety of community individuals with many vehicles and thousands of trips a year. The CLC Foundation was formed to manage the need to have Special Needs Trusts, which has grown to over 400 Trusts with a value of some $40 Million. CLC Fund for the Disabled was formed to conduct the necessary fundraising activities for our programs. CLC Day Habilitation program provides enriching day services to 80 plus people. This program is under the operation of the affiliate ADiCares.

Hidden Treasures is an empowering  arts education program providing 150 plus participants access to painting, drawing, choral, dance and theatrical activities. Winslow Therapeutic Center brings over 40 years of experience to our group of affiliates in providing services to children and adults with disabilities. In 2014, a merger took place between Winslow and CLC resulting in a powerful expansion of services.

Recently, the Epilepsy Foundation of Metropolitan New York, a 50+ year organization, was added as additional affiliate of the CLC Group. Other affiliated services in travel (Creative Escapes) and Culinary and Community activities also form part of the CLC Group.

As all this was occurring in a somewhat disjointed way, it became evident that there was the need to form an organization that oversees the cross offering of services, coordinate the disparate activities, and provide the strategic direction of all these affiliates groups. Likewise, it was deemed that if additional services were to be provided, a common “back office” would aid in streamlining the organizations. Thus, the CLC Group was formed as the “Passive Parent” providing the overall management of the Affiliates.

Thus, the CLC Group currently provides the following services:

  • A full service residential program for mild to moderately developmentally disabled individuals.
  • Provides both fully supervised group homes and is one of the largest providers of supported apartment living in NY State.
  • Supports dual diagnosed individuals.
  • Individuals are encouraged to achieve maximum independence in their daily living allowing them make choices that is best for themselves.

  • Provides medical assistance transportation for those who have Medicaid or other private insurance.
  • Twenty-five years of experience transporting individuals and groups in the Counties of Westchester, Putnam, Orange, Duchess and The Bronx.
  • Specializes in quality door to door, wheelchair and ambulatory transportation for the elderly, disabled, and people with limited mobility.
  • Provides experience CDL licensed drivers and trained aides to assist passengers in having the safest and most compassionate ride possible.

  • A fundraising organization that provides the resources for the programs of the CLC Group of affiliates.
  • Undertakes legacy (wills, life insurance) and event experiences to raise the funds needed for the various programs.
  • Hires temporary consultants to aid in specific projects and events that benefit the population served by the group of affiliates.
  • Provides financial aid directly to the consumers that receive services of the CLC Group.
  • Administers the CLC Pooled Supplemental Needs Trust

  • Provides Self-Settled as well as family / Third Party Settled Trusts.
  • Provides Supplemental Needs Trusts for the benefit of all beneficiaries and if funds remain upon their death, they are used for the benefit of all beneficiaries.
  • Provides Surplus Income Trust Services.
  • Provides the ability to have Institutional Trustee management for Private Trusts.

  • Winslow is a PATH International Premiere accredited center located in Warwick, NY on 100 acres. With over 40 years of experience in equine-assisted services, they offer a variety of services including their adult day program, youth recreation and leadership programs, and remedial programs for special education classrooms in school districts across the Tri-state area.
  • Adult day habilitation program focuses on healthy living through activities such as equine-assisted lessons, small animal husbandry, horticulture education, seed-to-table nutrition, recreational activities, community outings, virtual programming, and more!
  • Engaging fundraising events take place yearly including the Halloween Spooktacular parade and trick-or-treating, Holiday Photos with the Horses, Duck Derby, “Healing with Horses” Golf Outing, and Sunset at Winslow.
  • Operates on the support of volunteers who commit their personal time to working with children and adults with disabilities who benefit from equine-assisted services.

  • Provides a Day Habilitation program consisting of activities in equine, farm, culinary, and artistic expression.
  • Arranges for funding, transportation and choice-based day and community habilitation services.
  • Oversees the quality assurance Independent review committee assuring the rapid resolution of issues.
  • With 20 years of experience, provides private advocacy / individualized care management service.

  • Community Connections Life is a comprehensive Without walls program made up of community -based experiences that emphasize individual interests. Day Hab programs are weekday offerings of individualized activities that emphasize skills building and expose all participants to developing peer relationships, socialization, and connection with the community.
  • Day Habilitation is available to any adult person eligible for or currently enrolled in the home and community based waiver.
  • Video-conferencing programs include: “The Happy Chat” (a zoom guest interview show )Cooking channels, Zoom music television, and a virtual Band, LIT TV, BIZ program, Sports Talk, Yoga with Allison , art edification and more.
  • Activity outings and volunteer programs, including, beaches, parks, museums, bowling, hospitality and catering, Meals on Wheels, Farmers’ Market set up programs, baking studio cake sales and more.

  • Provides expressive and performing arts education for the disabled through choral, theatrical and dance activities.
  • Provides art instruction though painting, drawing, and arts & crafts.
  • Private pay educational program for those special needs individuals living at home or in group home / supported settings.
  • Showcases the expressive and creative art in the local community through live performances and art shows.

  • Leases office and work space to members of the CLC Group at below market rates.
  • Offers financial assistance to under- resourced organizations that assist developmentally disabled adults.
  • Provides grants to organizations that offer therapeutic, artistic, recreational and vocational programs for developmentally disabled adults.
  • Funds scholarships for developmentally disabled adults who might benefit from such programs.

  • Provides recreational trips for the developmentally disabled.
  • Organizes fun trips to exotic places with trained staff to provide a safe experience.
  • Undertakes both domestic (e.g., Cape Cod) and international (e.g. Rome, London) travel for both recreation and education purposes.
  • Privately funded by the individuals or families of the travelers.

  • New York City’s only specialized organization combining epilepsy education, awareness, and advocacy with individualized clinical services.
  • Provides a variety of services including evaluation, psychotherapy, vocational counseling, and epilepsy education.
  • Provides training and presentations free of charge as well as other programs either free or at minimal cost, but no one in need is denied service based on funds.
  • Coordinates efforts with the National Epilepsy Foundation in developing research leading to more effective treatment of epilepsy.

  • A service company that provides operational (back-Office) services across all affiliates.
  • A group of individual independent Board members that oversee the strategic direction and governance of all affiliates.
  • Achieving efficiencies of service and synchronous policies (e.g., Human Resources, IT, Financial, etc.) across all affiliates.
  • Retaining specialized consulting services to achieve legal, clinical and other such Governance policies across all affiliates.

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