Over the past 30+ years led by a small group of dedicated individuals, the CLC Group has been steadily formed to provide a multitude of services for the Intellectually Developmentally  Disabled. From its meager beginnings as a small private residential program with a handful of individuals in a few rented apartments and one home, CLC Group now provides many services to some 2,500 individuals with a multi-million-dollar income organization.

1989 - 1990

Community Living Corporation (CLC) was formed from the take over of a private pay small residential program – Mezoff Associates which was founded in the mid 1970’s. The Agency consisted of 15 Intellectually Developmentally Disabled  individuals who lived in four rental properties. The business model was changed, turning it into a government-funded, privately managed agency that provides a supervised (in apartments) and supported (in group homes), residential program for the developmentally disabled. Over the next years, some 40 properties were acquired which CLC now own outright, and it is the permanent home of about 150 people. CLC grew its revenue budget to about $12 Million and employs several hundred people.


The CLC Foundation (CLCF) was formed to handle Pooled Supplemental Needs Trusts (SNT) allowing a person to maintain eligibility for government benefits, like Medicare / Medicaid, while having the Trust pay for needs that Medicaid does not cover. CLC petitioned the New York State Government and participated in writing the Pooled Trust law, becoming the first provider in the State. The Foundation manages over 400 (both Self-settled as well as Third Party Settled) trusts with a value of about $40 Million together with an independent Co-Trustee. We now also offer Surplus Income Trusts (SIT).


CLC Transportation (CLCT) was created as a joint venture between CLC and an individual, to service the needs of the residents. This partnership was dissolved in 2015 when CLC Transportation became a wholly owned subsidiary of CLC. While, initially, CLC Transportation provided services solely to CLC residents, this has changed over time and now 98%+ of its 130,000 trips a year, are for people from the surrounding community. It provides door-to-door, wheelchair, and ambulatory transportation for the elderly, disabled, and people with limited mobility within Duchess, Orange, Putnam, Westchester counties, and The Bronx in New York State


Hidden Treasures (CLCHT) was merged into the CLC Group and provides classes designed to enhance the quality of life for disabled individuals. The activities nurture the creativity, self-expression, and self-esteem of the participants. From its initial 30 students the organization has grown to offer painting, sculpture, choral group, dance classes, and theater to about 150 adults in the community.


CLC Fund for The Disabled (CLCFD) – A Not-for-Profit corporation was formed devoted to fundraising in general and legacy donations to support all Affiliates.


Advocates for the Disabled Inc. (ADI) was created to provide Case Management for about 400 clients, CLC residents, but mostly people from other agencies and the community at large. ADI and all the other similar case management groups were taken over in 2020 by NY State. ADI was repurposed and now offers professional Day Habilitation services for nearly 100 people (and growing) to the CLC residents and disabled members of the community with Farm, art, culinary and other such programs


Westchester Foundation for the Disabled (WFD) was formed as a special purpose Real Estate company that purchased the 50,000 square feet building and rents office space at below market value to the CLC Group, its Affiliates and is the Headquarters of the CLC Group.


Winslow Therapeutic Riding Company (Winslow) is a PATH (Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International) accredited Not for Profit Agency that was founded in 1974 to provide therapeutic equine services to children on the Autism spectrum. Winslow became a wholly owned subsidiary of the CLC Group managed by the CLC Foundation and has expanded its Equine serve to include animal husbandry, horticulture, and farming experiences.

2020 - 2023

The Epilepsy Foundation of Metropolitan New York (EFMNY) Merger with CLC became official in 2020 and will be fully integrated by 2023. This was founded in 1967 as a regional affiliate of the National “Epilepsy Foundation of America” and provides Educational and Clinical services to those with Epilepsy. EFMNY holds two licenses: An Article 16 that provides Psychological and Occupational therapy supports to the Developmentally Disability populations, and an Article 31 that allows for a full psychiatric / psychological service Clinic to offer therapy for all mental disorders. It has one of the most prestigious and experienced Professional Advisory Board (PAB) in the country.

2020 - 2021

The CLC Group (CLCG) was initiated and will be fully implemented in 2021 whereby a “Passive Parent” model brings all the affiliated companies together under an overall umbrella with common Board Members across Affiliates.

2021 - 2022

Creation and implementation of the CLC Services Group (CLCSG), providing “back-Office” services such as Human Resources, Technology, Finance, Training, Purchasing etc. across all the Affiliates

A Final Word

One challenge at a time, solved with great love, strategic vision, and focused leadership, have transformed the small residential service into what today is the CLC Group of Affiliates which benefit and provide life-changing services to thousands of persons that have special needs and / or have developmental disabilities. Today the CLC Group consists of 10 direct Affiliates – CLC, CLC Foundation, ADI Cares, CLC Fund for the Disabled, Westchester Foundation for the Disabled, CLC Transportation, Winslow Therapeutic Riding Center, Hidden Treasures, CLC Services Group, and The Epilepsy Foundation of Metropolitan New York. Additional indirect affiliations exist with Creative Escapes (Travel Service for the DD Community) and Community Connections Life (A culinary, food service and music Day Habilitation Program). Together the CLC Group has some $24 Million in revenue with some 480 employees in the Greater New York City Metropolitan area and neighboring counties.

As we come across other service companies that fit within the overall strategic vision, we will continue to merge and expand our scope, always remembering that we serve each person with individualized attention.

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